We started in the web hosting business in 1998 when most companies had no website.

Today, we continue to provide state-of-the-art hosting services to companies from coast to coast.  Our servers and software are second to none and we provide premium level support. 

Speaking of support, if you need us just call 321.231.7300
World Class Data Center
Our servers are leased and reside in a massive IBM owned and operated state-of-the-art data center. They are monitored 24/7 with technicians on standby to correct any hardware or software issues immediately.
There is no datacenter in the world that is technically superior to or more secure than IBM's.
User Friendly Control Panel
Redundancy is the key to 99.9% uptime. Redundant, massive internet connections, redundant backup diesel power generators and redundant electrical systems assure that your website will always be available online
A Ton Of Features
Today's internet is application driven.  Our control panel is loaded with useful, easy to integrate web tools.
We focus primarily on geo-targeted Yahoo mail which is huge. You can literally put your name in front of 20-30% of your market every day.
For those customers that are more technical, there are many features available.  Make simple DNS entries, manage FTP users, manage files, create databases and much more.
We give you  the most widely used account management tool in the world, Cpanel.  Cpanel is known for its friendly, simple to use tools.
From your user interface, you can add email accounts, change passwords and add "forwarders" to forward your mail to additional locations. We also give you web traffic statistics so that you can see how your website is performing.
200+ Applications With 1 Click Install
From CRMs, blogs to surveys and more, there are over 200 useful applications available to you for free.

Martin Media, 1900 South Harbor City Boulevard, Suite 328, Melbourne, FL  32901
Martin Media located in Melbourne, Florida which is in the Orlando, Florida area, has vast experience in internet advertising incuding all forms of digital advertising (online advertising) and email marketing.  Based in Brevard County, Florida, Martin Media is a national internet advertising  and email marketing company that has served companies in all 50 states over its 16 years in business.

Our company can deliver business to your door using all forms of online advertising and digital advertising including Google Adwords PPC )pay per click) advertising, Yahoo and Bing PPC advertising and marketing, Google banner display advertising, Yahoo banner and display advertising,  as well as 100% opt-in email marketing. Martin Media also performs powerful Facebook advertising incuding Facebook remarketing advertising.

Whether branding or lead generation, Martin Media's focus is to deliver online advertising results at the lowest possible conversion rate.  Our digital advertising including Google Adwords PPC (pay per click) advertising, Google banner display advertising and Facebook advertising can dramatically increase your ROI.  So whether you are looking for email marketing, online advertising or digiutal advertising in Melbourne, Florida, Orlando, Florida, Brevard County, Florida or anywhere coast to coast, Martin Media can get the job done for you.

Additionally, Martin Media, through it's subsidiary StarHost in the Orlando, Florida area, operates a full-blown, state-of-the-art web hosting business serving companies coast to coast. That is an advantage to our customers of our digital advertising and online advertising including Google AdwordsPPC (pay per click) advertising, Google banner display advertising and Facebook advertising becuase we host their websites and landing pages free of charge.   We also host our email marketing customer's landing pages and websites free of charge.